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Octopus linear drives are available with a huge range of stroke and pump sizes.  Standard drives are available with the pump either mounted on the ram or separately.  The LAU custom solutions offer 8 different configurations to suit virtually all installations.

Hydraulic Linear Drives

Hydraulic Linear Drives

Powerful, efficient drives for sailboats up to 30.5m (100ft) length, 29,000Kg (64,000lbs) displacement available in two mounting styles.

LAU Hydraulic Linear Drives (Custom Solutions)

The fixed design of traditional hydraulic linear drives means that there often isn’t enough room by the rudder, forcing you to settle for a less powerful alternative. Octopus LAU drives set you free from this limitation - the multiple configurations offer professional installers the versatility to pick the correct fitting combination to get the job done in a tight space - no more settling for second best!

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