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Type R Sterndrive Systems


Unique Pilot Drive For Sterndrive Applications! The Type R Remote Drive System makes sterndrive installations easy for both single or dual engine systems. The installation kit simply clamps to the steering cylinder with no drilling or cutting required. Two packs are available to suit the most common Mercruiser and Volvo-Penta sterndrive systems.

LOW COST SOLUTION -  No need to change to hydraulic steering to fit an autopilot. 

EASY TO FIT - Simple to install kits for all major sterndrive manufacturers.

TIME SAVING - Rudder feedback option mounts directly on drive.

SAFE - Manual override without disengaging the autopilot.

COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR PILOT - The Type R Remote Drive System is compatible with all major brand inboard autopilot systems.

Key Features

• Remote drive can be fitted in most convenient location

• Electronic clutch disengages for manual steering

• Rotary drive system

• Safety override technology

• Current 1.25A typical, 5A max

• Includes Remote Drive, 6' steering cable, installation kit

• Optional rudder feedback unit

• For older Mercruiser engines (pre-94) use System B (MDRESYS-B)

• Normal steering cables can also be used as supplied by Teleflex, Uflex and Multiflex

Current Mercruiser Engines & North American built Volvo Penta Gas & Diesel Engines

Mercruiser & US Volvo Diesel/Gas Sterndrives

All European Built Volvo Penta Diesel Engines

European Volvo Diesel Sterndrives

Optional Rudder Feedback Unit

Rudder Feedback UnitOne of the most complex and time-consuming aspects of autopilot installation is fitting the rudder feedback unit, ensuring that the geometry matches the full range of rudder movement.  The Octopus rudder feedback unit solves these problems as it mounts directly to the drive unit itself.

A range of RFBs to suit most common autopilot brands is available - click "Accessories" below for more information

Remote Drive Dimensions


Peak Thrust 136Kg (330lbs)
Hard Over Time 12-15 seconds
Peak Power 5 Amps
Average Power 1.25 Amps
Voltage 12Volt
Clutch circuit Power Required 850 milliamps

Order Codes

Order Code Type
MDRESYS-A6 Sterndrive - Mercruiser from 1994, North American Volvo from 1997 (SINGLE ENGINE)
MDRESYS-A9 Sterndrive - Mercruiser from 1994, North American Volvo from 1997 (DUAL ENGINE)
MDRESYS-B Sterndrive - Mercruiser from 1983 to 1993, European Volvo Diesel from 1994


  Order Code Description
Type B Sterndrive Installation Kit OC15SUK15B Type B - Multi I/O Connection Kit - second steering cable to sterndrive power steering cylinder
For Mercruiser DHB (from 1994) and Volvo Gas SX & DP-S & Diesel SX drives (from 1997).  Supplied with pack.
Type C Sterndrive Installation Kit OC15SUK15C Type C - Multi I/O Connection Kit - second steering cable to sterndrive power steering cylinder
For Mercruiser Saginaw (up to 1993) and Volvo Diesel DP drives (from 1994).  Supplied with pack.
Steering Cable OC15109-12 12' SSC-52 Steering Cable
OC15109-11 11' SSC-52 Steering Cable
OC15109-10 10' SSC-52 Steering Cable
OC15109-9 9' SSC-52 Steering Cable
OC15109-8 8' SSC-52 Steering Cable
OC15109-7 7' SSC-52 Steering Cable
OC15109-6 6' SSC-52 Steering Cable (standard pack cable)
Rudder Feedback Unit OC15SUK27 Universal RFB for all autopilots
OC15SUK27A RFB for Comnav & Sitex Autopilots
OC15SUK27B RFB for Raymarine Autopilots
OC15SUK27D RFB for Coursemaster & Simrad* Autopilots
OC15SUK27E RFB for Garmin, Furuno, Navman & TMQ Autopilots
Simrad Resistance To Frequency Conversion Kit OC15SUK83 * Simrad Resistance To Frequency Conversion Kit - required for Simrad Autopilots

Additional Information

Second Cable Length Calculation


Type R Installation Guide

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