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The Mini Transat Race has Finished

The Mini Transat race has now finished and we congratulate all the contenders for a fantastic race.


We would especially like to congratulate the following contenders who used the Octopus RS drive unit combined with the NKE instruments for a great race and look forward to telling their story as follow up from our meetings at the Paris boat show at the Mini Transat presentation.


Patrick Jaffre                     Came 18 out of 25 after having rudder issues and we look forward to his testimonial.


Cedric Faron                      Came 10 out of 55 and we look forward to hearing his testimonial.


Valentin Massu                 Came 33 out of 55 and we look forward to his testimonial.

The Mini Transat Race

The first leg of the Mini Transat race (La Rochelle to Canarias) started Sunday and we have four boats which started the race with our RS drive and NKE equipment.

Their present positions in the Race on the first leg to the Gran Canarias 1350miles


Pat Jaffré  Prototype  present 7th  position out of 25



Cedric Faron  Series present 31st  position out of 56


Valentin Massu  Series present 45th position out of 56



You can follow at cartographie and also classements.




RS Sailboat Drive in Practical Boat Owner Magazine

Leading UK sailing magazine Practical Boat Owner wrote a two page article on our unique Octopus sailboat drive in their August 2010 issue, featuring the installation by David Foster on his then new Beneteau 31 'Aragon'.  Since then, they have mentioned our drive again in their April 2012 issue.

Read more: RS Sailboat Drive in Practical Boat Owner Magazine

Retrofit autopilot made simple

Motorboat magazine wrote an article in the January 2014 edition about Octopus' two compact systems designed to fit a wide range of outboard and sterndrive boats. 

The Octopus system is a simple autopilot for cable-steered powerboats. Aimed at the retrofit market it does not require you to convert your boat to hydraulic steering and is designed for boats with limited space. All the drive units are concealed so it can be used in an open boat and the system will interface with all major brands of autopilot. Octopus comes in two versions: S/T, located behind the dash, and R, a remote-mounted system. Hull length is limited to 33 ft (10m). The S/T system replaces the original steering bezel with an electrically powered bezel connected to th autopilot. It uses the original wheel and steering cable.

The R system uses an electrically powered remote-mounted steering drive unit connected to the autopilot. The drive unit is usually within a few feet of the sterndrive, outboard or rudder. It can be fitted to single or twine-engine/rudder set-ups. The R system works by piggy backing on top of the existing steering system. The original wheel, steering bezel and cable used for manual steering becoming redundant when autopilot is engaged. The R system, unlike the S/T version, can be manually overridden without disengaging autopilot first. Both the S/T and R models can be fitted with an optional rudder feedback unit, which is strongly advised. This ensures that the Octopus matches the steering geometry of the boat by limiting turns within the constraints of the boat's original steering system. 

The R drive unit is only 6x6x8in. Having a short 6ft cable it is likely to be more responsive to the commands of the autopilot than the S/T system. The systems will fit a wide range of boats from the 1980s onwards. 

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